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  1. Hi Improvateur I discovered this site via sutta central. Much appreciation for you and all people involved in this great work! Love, gratitude and a sense of care are tangible here and this makes wandering through this forest soothing and gladdening to me. I will add this link on my blog as there is valuable content for non English speakers as well. Happy new year from Italy!

    1. Dear Letizia,

      A deep bow and many thanks for your kind words.

      I am tempted to mention that this website is just ‘me’ but not so! Like most things in our lives, it arose from causes and conditions that extend far beyond any one individual’s momentary life. would not exist without hundreds and hundreds of generations of practitioners helping to preserve the Dhamma. I am constantly grateful to all who went before us with their dedication to a way of being that is, perhaps, simple enough in concept, yet truly challenging in practice.

      You, too, Letizia are clearly part of this remarkable chain of Hearts&Minds. For that, please accept my gratitude.

      May this new year bring you ease of being, and a world filled with mettā, karuṇā, muditā, and upekkhā.

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