Lectures Regarding Early Buddhism

Audio Lectures Regarding Early Buddhism

Bhikkhu Bodhi


  • Source: Bodhi Monastery website
    • The Buddha’s Teaching As It Is (10 lectures)
      (alternate source: YouTube Playlist)
      Fundamental teachings of Early Buddhism
    • A Study of the Pāramīs (10 lectures)
      The word pāramīs literally means perfections. The southern Buddhist commentaries define the Pāramīs as “noble qualities beginning with giving, accompanied by compassion and skillful means, and untainted by craving, conceit, and wrong views.”
    • A Systematic Study of the Majjhima Nikaya (156 lectures)
      The direct teachings of the Buddha himself as preserved in some of the oldest records of his discourses.
    • The Sutta-Nipāta (40 lectures)
      The Sutta-Nipāta contains some of the oldest discourses in the Pali Canon. It is a rich source of texts offering guidance to lay Buddhists and also abounds in suttas that extol the contemplative ideals of early Buddhism.
    • A Course in the Pali Language (34 lectures)
      Pali is the language used to preserve the Buddhist canon of the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which is regarded as the oldest complete collection of Buddhist texts surviving in an Indian language. [Also of interest to the Pāli student will be the following information:

Bhikkhu Anālayo