Purification, Ethics and Karma in Early Buddhist Discourse – Studies in the Madhyama-āgama


# Subject Video with Lecture Notes Audio Only
1 MĀ 1 Discourse on Wholesome Qualities;
MĀ 2 Discourse on the [Celestial] Coral Tree
2 MĀ 3 Discourse on the Simile of the [Border] Town; MĀ 4 Discourse on the Water Simile HTML HTML
3 MĀ 5 Discourse on the Simile of the Heap of Wood (木積喻經); MĀ 6 Discourse on the Destination of a Good Person (善人往經); MĀ 7 Discourse on [Sources of] Worldly Merit (世間福經) HTML HTML
4 MĀ 8 Discourse on Seven Suns (七日經) HTML HTML
5 MĀ 9 Discourse on Seven Chariots (七車經) HTML HTML
6 MĀ 10 Discourse on the Cessation of the Influxes (漏盡經) HTML HTML
7 MĀ 11 Discourse on the Simile of the [Grain] of Salt (鹽喻經) HTML HTML
8 MĀ 12 Discourse to Vappa (惒破經) ; MĀ 13 The Discourse on [Tenets to be] Transcended (度經); MĀ 14 Discourse to Rāhula (羅云經) HTML HTML
9 MĀ 15 Discourse on Intention (思經); MĀ 16 Discourse to the Kālāmas (伽藍經) HTML HTML
10 MĀ 17 Discourse to Gāmaṇi (伽彌尼經); MĀ 18 Discourse to Sīha (師子經) HTML HTML
11 MĀ 19 Discourse on the Nigaṇṭhas (尼乾經); MĀ 20 Discourse to Pāṭaliya (波羅牢經) HTML HTML