The Geography of Buddhism

Good maps of places significant to the history of Buddhism are a joy.
A perfect example is Buddha’s India.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (of Ancient Buddhist Texts) has very informative Maps of Ancient Buddhist Asia (Ancient Buddhist Texts). They supplement his 7 part, YouTube discussion of (among other things) the Geography of Buddhism:

Bimala Churn Law 1932 – The Geography of Early Buddhism (Ancient Buddhist Texts) is an early text that tried to fill in the many geographical blanks.’s listing of Buddhist pilgrimage sites, The Places to go . . .  is part of Ven. S. Dammika‘s  A Pilgrim’s Guide to India.

Photo Dharma has a wonderful interactive Google map tied to a vast collection of images significant to Buddhism. It features

Around 10,000 photographs of Buddhist archeological sites, pilgrimage centres, and temples in SE Asia, as well as Videos, Maps, Posters, etc. Please feel free to use the photographs to make more works with them, in accordance with the Creative Commons license on the page where you find them.

Finally, for a global map of Theravada Dhammayut temples with addresses and contact information, see It has a massive collection of data; however, browse there at your own risk as Google Safe Browsing has issued the following report:

The site contains harmful content, including pages that send visitors to harmful websites.