Inspiring Imagery

Inspiring Imagery

To set the stage, let’s begin with some inspiring imagery.

First, there is Seen in Their True Light
(from Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery‘s Gallery)

A photo book created by Ajahn Jayasaro in 2011. The photos were provided by his students and their family and friends. Ajahn Jayasaro provided narrative on the material and chose as his subject the path to liberation.

Click on the book then, when Abhayagiri’s page has loaded, click on its thumbnail in the upper left corner. Sit back, relax, take a deep breath or two, and explore the thoughts and images. Give yourself permission to fully attend each moment as it arises and passes. Visualize the life of a Buddhist monk.

What comes to mind? What feelings arise in your heart? Take note, then let go and move along.

Our Thudong Monks web page links to beautiful images and music and descriptions of the ascetic practices that are part of the Thai Forest Monk tradition. Contemplate their efforts to return to a life style lead by Shakyamuni Buddha many hundreds of years ago.

For a glimpse of a time and place that profoundly influenced the spread of Forest Tradition wisdom, watch The Mindful Way — The Buddhist Forest Tradition. Filmed in 1979, this is a BBC documentary featuring Ajahn Chah, founder of Wat Nong Pa Pong and Wat Pah Nanachat and teacher of many ‘first generation’ Western monks.

Check out the Portraits of Thai Forest Meditation Masters web page to see monks of past and present that are revered by many who follow the Buddha Dhamma.

Photo Dharma has a wonderful interactive Google map tied to a vast collection of images significant to Buddhism. It features

Around 10,000 photographs of Buddhist archaeological sites, pilgrimage centers, and temples in SE Asia, as well as Videos, Maps, Posters, etc. Please feel free to use the photographs to make more works with them, in accordance with the Creative Commons license on the page where you find them.

Finally, for a glimpse of current Buddhist imagery illustrating the life of Siddhartha Gotama (and the spread of Vipassanā meditation), the Burmese-Indian meditation teacher, S. N. Goenka, narrates a slide show of paintings from the art gallery of the Global Vipassanā Pagoda.

You’re now well on your way to explore the rest of this site.

May it serve you well.