Portraits of Meditation Masters

Portraits of Thai Forest Meditation Masters

For some of the earliest monks of the Forest Tradition there are only a few photographs.

Ajahn Sao - founder of the Thai Forest Tradition
Ajahn Mun - student of Ajahn Sao, teacher of Ajahn Maha Bua (his biographer) and Ajahn Chah (teacher of many Western Buddhists)
Student of Ajahn Mun and teacher of numerous Western Buddhists

Ajahn Sao Kantasīlo
(Phra Khru Vivekbuddhakij)
b. November 2, 1859
d. February 3, 1941

Ajahn Mun Bhūridatta

b. January 20, 1870
d. November 11, 1949

Ajahn Chah Subaddho
(Chao Kun Bodhiñāṇa Thera)
b. June 17, 1918  
d. January 16, 1992

They reoccur frequently, as these seminal figures are revered by many of their fellow countrymen.

The Vimmuti Forest Monastery's Forest Tradition Web page concludes with an excellent gallery of 54 "Masters of the Forest Tradition."

Ajahn Maha Bua's website includes several dozen portraits here:

Photos of Thai Forest Meditation Masters

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Hāsapañño Bhikkhu (Craig McGrath) has four pages of Rare Photos, which include Monks, Nuns, and Group Sanga pictures posted on his website: Wide Angle Lens, On the Thai Wilderness Tradition of Buddhism.

The Thai Forest Tradition Blogspot-website includes a few "photos of monks in tudong taken early 19th century.