Monasteries of the Forest Sangha

International Monasteries in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition of Ajahn Chah

Monks of Wat Nong Pah Pong — Slightly cropped image from Forest Sangha Web pageunder creative commons license CC BY NC ND 4.0. For videos plus links to websites and maps featuring Thai Forest Tradition monasteries see, Western Monks at Home in an Ancient Tradition. See Forest Sangha Galleries for numerous photos of selected monasteries. The following links are provided by the Forest Sangha website:



Other Branches

Some may also wish to explore the Dhammawiki  Temples category with its list of
Buddhist temples and Dhamma meditation centers around the world. Most entries are Theravada temples and centers and also some of the landmark temples and centers from other traditions. Many of the Thich Nhat Hanh groups are included here too because that tradition blends Zen with Theravada mindfulness. Some Buddhayana or non sectarian groups and temples are also included since they include Theravada as part of a mixed practice.
Specifically for Bhikkhuni's we have