Forest Tradition Monasteries

Forest Tradition Monasteries

Western Monks at Home in an Ancient Tradition — Websites, Maps, and Videos


United Kingdom

Chittaviveka Website & Map

Video: Cittaviveka – Chithurst Buddhist Monastery

Video: Chithurst Buddhist Monastery


Amaravati Website & Map

Video: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery of Ajahn Sumedho
(Ajahn Sumedho has retired, and Ajahn Amaro is now the abbot; for details, see the Blog, Ajahn Amaro’s Spiritual Journey.)

Video: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery


Aruna Ratanagiri Website & Map

Video: Dawn on the hill at Aruna Ratanagiri

Video: The Secret life of a Monastery Episode 1


United States

Abhayagiri Website & Map

Video: Fearless Mountain, Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery

Photo Album: Abhayagiri 2011 – Photo Album


Metta Forest Monastery: Website, Sitemap & Map

Video: Time Lapse Photography \\ Metta Forest Monastery \\ (no audio)

Video: Thanissaro Bhikkhu on Monasticism, Lifestyle, and Community


Forest Dhamma Monastery, Website & Map

Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery, Website & Map

Temple Forest Monastery, Website & Map



Sitavana – Birken: Website & Map

Video: Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery


Tisarana: Website & Map

Video: Vassa Aradhana 2013 – Tisarana Buddhist Monastery


The Arrow River Forest Hermitage: Website & Map



Bodhinyana: Website & Map

Video: Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery – Coming Home to Stillness & Peace


Dhammasara: Website & Map

Video: Ajahn Brahm & Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery – A documentary

Video: Dhammasara

Video: Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery


Bodhisaddha: Website & Map

Video: A look into Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery


Buddha Bodhivana: Website,  Facebook, & Map

Video: Bodhivana Monastery

Video: Warburton Monastery Victoria AUSTRALIA [Buddha Bodhivana]


Sunnataram: Website & Map
Video: Thai Buddhist Monastery – 147 km from Sydney



New Zealand

Vimutti: Website & Map

Video: Vimutti Buddhist Monastery – Life of Peace

Video: Tour of Vimutti Monastery 2016

Video: Vimutti’s Buddha and Arahant Relic Collection

Video: Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Chandako Prepare Buddha Relics for Enshrining

Video: Enshrining Relics in the Vimutti Stupa

Video: Ceremony for Enshrining the Tipitaka, 2011