Ajahn Amaro’s Spiritual Journey

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I always enjoy Ajahn Amaro’s talks. Here, he traces his own spiritual journey, a long and winding road—which culminated in 2010 with his becoming Abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England. A favorite moment: “…where freedom is found—it’s in here.“ So, without further ado, here’s the Venerable Ajahn Amaro talk at Stanford: Enjoy!

Ajahn Chah – YouTube Playlists

Ajahn Chah — Teacher of Numerous Western Buddhists A Revered Meditation Master that Continues to Inspire Venerable Ajahn Chah Subhaddo (Phra Bodhinyanathera) June 17, 1918 — January 16, 1992 Ajahn Chah on YouTube The Mindful Way – The Buddhist Forest Tradition (19:01) A 1979 BBC documentary featuring Ajahn Chah. Take journey back to a time when the foundations of Western, Vipassanā meditation were […]

Dhamma Talks from Thai Forest Tradition Monks

Dhamma Talks from Thai Forest Tradition Monks Dharma Seed, “freely offering Western Buddhist Vipassana teachings,” has over 2,100 Web pages of links to Dhamma Talks. Dhammatalks.net is also not to be missed with its well-organized collection of Dhamma talks by many monks (past and recent) associated with the Thai Forest Tradition (among others). Abhayagiri Monastery‘s Audio Page has the ability to filter by keyword. Its […]

Inspiring Imagery

Inspiring Imagery To set the stage, let’s begin with some inspiring imagery. First, there is Seen in Their True Light (from Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery‘s Gallery) A photo book created by Ajahn Jayasaro in 2011. The photos were provided by his students and their family and friends. Ajahn Jayasaro provided narrative on the material and chose as his subject the path to […]

Photo Dharma with Interactive Map

Photodharma.net has a wonderful, Interactive Map tied to “Around 10,000 photographs of Buddhist archeological sites, pilgrimage centres, and temples in SE Asia, as well as Videos, Maps, Posters, etc. Please feel free to use the photographs to make more works with them, in accordance with the Creative Commons license on the page where you find them.”        


Audio (and eBook) Biographies of Buddha’s Disciples and Forest Tradition Bhikkhus, Mae Chee, and Bhikkhuni Note: Access to Insight has an Index of Proper Names with links to Sutta references for material that is available on its website as well as Contributing Authors and Translators with brief biographical paragraphs on most of the listings. The website Sangha Fathers of Sri Lanka has well over 30 brief biographies. […]

Roots (Portal to the Thai Forest Tradition)

Roots Portal to the Thai Forest Tradition   Thai Forest Monks Buddhism is estimated to be some 2500 years old. As it spread, different schools arose. There are now essentially at least three Buddhisms based on different scriptural canons. There is Theravāda Buddhism based on the Pāli Canon, the East Asian tradition, centered on the Chinese Canon, and Tibetan tradition […]