The ‘Bhikkhuni Issue’ – Resurgence of the the four-fold sangha following a thousand years of discrimination

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The ‘Bhikkhuni Issue’ Resurgence of the four-fold sangha (following a thousand years of discrimination) Aloka Vihara Bhikkhunīs walking in the forest… Some years ago I had the privilege of attending a daylong retreat given by a female renunciate who was struggling (along with others) with the fact that in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition there were no more fully ordained nuns. […]

Forest Tradition Monasteries

Forest Tradition Monasteries Western Monks at Home in an Ancient Tradition — Websites, Maps, and Videos   United Kingdom Chittaviveka Website & Map Video: Cittaviveka – Chithurst Buddhist Monastery Video: Chithurst Buddhist Monastery   Amaravati Website & Map Video: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery of Ajahn Sumedho (Ajahn Sumedho has retired, and Ajahn Amaro is now the abbot; for details, see the Blog, Ajahn Amaro’s Spiritual Journey.) […]