Who ‘owns’ this site?

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Although your erstwhile Webmaster has now set this website adrift in the Great Ocean, he does not (in any ultimate sense) ‘own’ it. Enable it, perhaps, but own . . . not so much. It only exists because of the many Dhamma practitioners whose efforts have brought the triple jewel to the West. Please, consider this site ‘yours’ as well. To […]

Orchestrated Buddhist Chants

Orchestrated Buddhist Chants Imee Ooi — The Chant of Metta (You Tube) From Anandagiri‘s Peace Beyond Suffering website: Ajahn Achalo‘s Devotional Chanting with Music [CC BY 4.0]: Three Jewels and a Lotus #11.1 Homage to Buddha 1.2 Homage to Dhamma 1.3 Homage to Sangha 1.4 Om Mani Padme Hung 1.5 Refuge In the Victory of Liberation 1.6 Long mantra of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva […]