A Monk’s Path to Dhamma

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A Natural-born Monk’s Path to Dhamma Cultivating the Garden of Life Venerable Ajahn Sona at Stanford University “It turned out, I’m logical . . . linear, purely-logical activity should not be the master of the house.” How the Thai Forest Tradition Came to Canada I am always interested in how individuals find out about Buddhism in general, and the Forest […]

Forest Tradition Monasteries

Forest Tradition Monasteries Western Monks at Home in an Ancient Tradition — Websites, Maps, and Videos   United Kingdom Chittaviveka Website & Map Video: Cittaviveka – Chithurst Buddhist Monastery Video: Chithurst Buddhist Monastery   Amaravati Website & Map Video: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery of Ajahn Sumedho (Ajahn Sumedho has retired, and Ajahn Amaro is now the abbot; for details, see the Blog, Ajahn Amaro’s Spiritual Journey.) […]