Some Favorite Audio Books

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Some Favorite Audio Books I occasionally encounter those new to Buddhism requesting books that are good starting places. Although I’m always tempted to guide folks to Access to Insight’s Web page on Beginnings, that’s not really a book. Among the most frequently recommended books, are Walpola Rahula‘s What the Buddha Taught (available from Dharma Audiobooks) and Henepola Gunaratana‘s Mindfulness in […]

Ajahn Chah – YouTube Playlists

Ajahn Chah — Teacher of Numerous Western Buddhists A Revered Meditation Master that Continues to Inspire Venerable Ajahn Chah Subhaddo (Phra Bodhinyanathera) June 17, 1918 — January 16, 1992 Ajahn Chah on YouTube The Mindful Way – The Buddhist Forest Tradition (19:01) A 1979 BBC documentary featuring Ajahn Chah. Take journey back to a time when the foundations of Western, Vipassanā meditation were […]

Thudong Monks

Thudong Monks To bring to the mind’s eye the monks and hermits of the Thai Forest Tradition, see The Thai Buddhist Forest, Thudong: Forest Monks and Hermits of Thailand. It is a quite beautiful, wordless slideshow with an excellent musical soundtrack (1:10:20). From Thudong: Forest Monks and Hermits of Southeast Asia, we are told . . . wandering elders or masters with […]

Roots (Portal to the Thai Forest Tradition)

Roots Portal to the Thai Forest Tradition   Thai Forest Monks Buddhism is estimated to be some 2500 years old. As it spread, different schools arose. There are now essentially at least three Buddhisms based on different scriptural canons. There is Theravāda Buddhism based on the Pāli Canon, the East Asian tradition, centered on the Chinese Canon, and Tibetan tradition […]


Monasteries of the Forest Sangha International Monasteries in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition of Ajahn Chah Monks of Wat Nong Pah Pong — Slightly cropped image from Forest Sangha Web page, under creative commons license CC BY NC ND 4.0. For videos plus links to websites and maps featuring Thai Forest Tradition monasteries see, Western Monks at Home in an Ancient Tradition. See Forest Sangha Galleries for numerous photos […]


Paths in This Forest Sounds Listen, my friend, and you shall hear… Chanting Talking Heads&Hearts Lectures More Paths in This Forest Stop, breathe, listen to your heart, and choose. There are several paths to explore here. Roots Biographies Geography Monasteries Canonical Texts Images Look. See. Reflect. Let go. Inspiring Imagery Forest Sangha Galleries Photo Dharma (Interactive Map) Theravada Buddhist Wisdom Inspired […]