Who ‘owns’ this site?

Although your erstwhile Webmaster has now set this website adrift in the Great Ocean, he does not (in any ultimate sense) ‘own’ it. Enable it, perhaps, but own . . . not so much. It only exists because of the many Dhamma practitioners whose efforts have brought the triple jewel to the West.

Please, consider this site ‘yours’ as well. To the extent that you have any attraction to Insight Meditation, this site is intended as a tool for your support. Your practice matters. Please never forget that.

Meditation in the West is truly a bit like swimming upstream in a culture that sports tee shirts advocating “He who dies with the most toys wins!”. . . . Right.

Death is inevitable, and its time and place . . . well, few of us ever will know ours. Given that reality, the clinging to toys to fill the sense of isolation and disconnection from our fellow travelers through this ‘Forest’ of Life is poor relief, indeed.

Yet, we are easily addicted to stuff (cf. this classic ‘dhamma talk‘ on attachment to material possessions). Look closely, and we notice that all stuff comes and goes. We spend a lifetime is spent putting our pile together but eventually it all will be gone (even when some of our pile outlasts us). Perhaps, only the geologists, paleontologists,  and cosmologists among us regularly consider the ‘deep time’ frames that make this entirely apparent.

Even then, they probably still see the world as a collection of nouns (rather than verbs).

So, this site too (like all ‘compounded things’) is, in reality, a ‘limited time offer’ arising from certain causes and conditions and will surely pass due to others.

. . . 

Having said that, your Webmaster is here simply as an advocate for some very old antidotes to ‘stuffism.’

Your observations and recommendations will help craft this site — so feel free to express yourself here. I’ll do my best to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ (trying to let my heart override my head when appropriate).

Finally, may you find ease of being and discover a world of metta, karuna, muditta, and upekkha.

Safe journey, pilgrim.

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